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Ministry of Science and
Higher Education
of the Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Sciences

Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

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Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN) – is a respected both in Russia and abroad institution, that solves fundamental reserch problems in the field of machine science and engineering sciences in Russia. Discoveries made and solutions found in its walls, are being laid as cornerstones  for the basic trends of domestic mechanical engineering. On these solutions and developments rests the future of most industries: machine-tool manufacture, agricultural, metallurgical, automotive, energy, petrochemical, aviation, space rocket, nuclear, defense and robotics engineering. Seven decades of its existence, the IMASH RAN always checked  its course in the sphere of basic and applied research, to which the Institute  addressed itself, alongside with the federal problems corresponding to the historical period in which the country was: industrialization, the victory in World War II or the development of entirely new equipment and technologies. The Institute continues to perform  successfully its research activities at present as well.

The structure of IMASH RAN at present is as follows:

  • Department of Strength, Survivability and Safety of Machines
  • Dept. of Mechanics of Machines and Control over Machines
  • Dept. of Friction and Wear
  • Dept. of Vibration Mechanics
  • Dept. of Vibration Acoustics
  • Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Acoustics
  • Dept. of Structural Materials Science
  • Research Center for Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Technology
  • Center for Research into Stability and Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Nizhny Novgorod Branch of IMASH RAN.

Below are enlisted the major modern research problems under development by the scientific staff of IMASH RAN in the field of machine science (mechanics of machines and technologies):

  • Development of wave machines and devices for implementation of breakthrough technologies in the interests of mechanical and power engineering, including extracting and processing branches of industry.
  • Development of modern technologies of obtaining the materials, including composites and products (petrochemicals and foodstuffs) with unique properties.
  • Development of problems of dynamics of structures interacting with liquids and gas, in particular, increasing the reliability of critical infrastructure facilities (such as: main oil and gas pipelines, hydro- and nuclear power plants, etc.).
  • Machines and devices for solving the ecological problems (sewage treatment, prevention of accidents at oil and gas pipelines, etc.).
  • Development of medical equipment (using nonlinear wave dynamics of cardiovascular system), creation of new methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment.