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General Information about the Institute

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN) – is the leading research institution in the field of machine science (mechanical engineering), separate fundamental science that is a theoretical base for the creation of machines of the future. The mission of machine science is especially significant for the present period of development of the civil and defense industries of Russia, that should ensure safety, security and economic independence of the country. That's why the machine science is one of the most important trends in development of engineering sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, interacting with other basic natural sciences and humanities – mechanics, physics, chemistry, information science, economics, biology.

Resolution of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been adopted in November 25, 2008 according to which IMASH RAN ought to be reorganized through affiliation of the Research Center for Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Technology of the Russain Academy of Sciences (NWMTC RAN) into IMASH RAN as IMASH' s subsidiary. In this regard Academician Rivner F.Ganiev was assigned as the Acting Director of IMASH RAN (at that time he was Director of the NWMTC RAN). In compliance with the charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences Academician R.F.Ganiev was elected as the Director of IMASH RAN by the General Assembly of the Department of Power Engineering, Mechanics, Engineering and Control Processes and his candidature was approved by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in June 9, 2009.

Main Resaerch Trends of IMASH RAN

  • theory for machinees and mechanisms, analysis and interface between machine, robotic and mechatronic components
  • theory for safety, service lifetime extension, reliability, survivability, strength of machines and of critical engineering infrastructure
  • dynamics of machines, vibration and wave processes, vibrational acoustics of machines and structures
  • biomechanics, ergonomics, control of the "man-machine-environment" systems
  • problems of tribology, increase in wear resistance and reduction of power losses in machines and equipment
  • automatization and modeling for the processes of development of structural materials, new machines and equipment
  • application of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for mechanical engineering facilities;
  • scientific fundamentals for comprehensive machine science problems for the civil and defense purposes
  • nonlinear wave ripple mechanics for multi-phase systems
  • scientific fundamentals for wave ripple technologies, wave machines and devices
  • vibrational reliability and noiselessness for hydro-mechanical systems

Publishing Activity

  • editorial preparation and publication of research and reference literature, including issues on machine design, vibrations in engineering structures, nuclear reactors strength, low sycle strength, fundamentals for machine design
  • publication of a unique encyclopedia - "Mechanical Engineering" (consists of 40 volumes)
  • publication of scientific periodicals, such as Journal of Machinery Manufacture and Reliability, Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Problems.

Training of Engineers and of Resaerch Staff

  • specialization for undergraduate students (from Bauman Moscow State Technological University-MGTU, Moscow Physical and Engineering Institute-MFTI, Moscow Automobile and Mechanical Institute-MAMI – MGTU, STANKIN – MGTU) at the subsidiaries of basic departments(chairs), established at IMASH RAN
  • mastering by the students of modern experimental methods on the basis of the Educational and Scientific Testing Facility for the Moscow Technical Universities (UNIKTUM) and of the IMASH' s Center for Collective Use (TcKP)
  • postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Arrangement of Scientific Forums

  • organizing the conferences, seminars, simposia, workshops, etc., including international scientific events
  • exhibitions holding