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Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
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 Physics and Mathematics Modeling of Tribological Processes and Development of Materials and Technologies Providing the Required Friction-Wear Properties of  Complex Heavy-Duty Loaded Friction Units.

Fundamental and applied research of the Department is aimed at increasing the service lifetime, safety and efficiency of civilian and military facilities intended for space, transport, energy, nuclear, aviation, gas-oil production systems. Novel methods are developed for testing, design and computation of the tribological service lifetime and energy losses. New wear-resistant materials, coatings, lubricants, including on the basis of nanosystems ure under development in the research labs. There have been obtained various additives for lubricating oils and coatings using nanotechnologies.
Tribological characteristics are determined for new metal, polymer, ceramic, composite, powder materials, operating under the conditions of adhesive, abrasive, fatigue, erosive and other types of wear.
Service lifetime tests are conducted for the section of centrifugal pumps in abrasive-containing corrosive media, fretting corrosion in inactive assemblies of nuclear reactors. The regularities are studied as regards to the effects and impacts of composition, structure, the state of structural components on the nature of the contact interaction, and the tribotechnical properties of topocomposites, the wear kinetics under the nonlinear dependence of the wear rate vs. contact parameters.
The Department has participated in the Sakhalin Iland's Offshore Development International Project (aim of the project - the development of oil and gas production offshore platforms), in the part regarding the development of seismic insulators (sliding pendulum supports).