Structure of the Department

Ministry of Science and
Higher Education
of the Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Sciences

Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

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 Structure of the Department (List of Research Labs.)

1. Laboratory of  Friction Units for Extreme Conditions.
Head of Laboratory. - Prof., Sc.D.(Engineering) Ali Yusupovich ALBAGACHIEV.
2. Laboratory of Methods of Lubrication of Machines.
Head of the Laboratory -  Prof., Sc.D.(Engineering) Ilya Alexandrovich BUYANOVSKY.
3. Laboratory of Studying Wear at High Temperatures.
Head. Laboratory - Prof., Sc.D.(Engineering) Nikolay Alekseevich VORONIN.
4. Laboratory of Studying Wear at Boundary Lubrication.
Head of the Laboratory - Ph.D. (Engineering) Vladimir N. POUCHKOV.
5. Laboratory of Tribological Processes Dynamics.
Head of the Laboratory - Ph.D. (Engineering) Maxim Vasilyevich PROZHEGA.
6. Laboratory of Physical Methods for Hardening Friction Surfaces.
Head of the Laboratory - Ph.D. (Engineering) Valery Vasilyevich  ALISIN.