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Main Scientific Results

Successfully completed research work entitled  "Analysis & Synthesis Transmissions & EVTs "under the contract with the corporation General Motors (USA).
The goals of this scientific research are the development of new methods for analyzing and synthesizing kinematic schemes of multi-speed gearboxes and vehicle transmissions. As a result of the work, new gearboxes were obtained, 11 of which are patented in the US, and in addition, five applications for patents of the Russian Federation are planned to be submitted. Research Developing Engineers: Prof., Sc. D. (Eng.) A.F. KraineThe Main Monographs and Collections of Works of Research Fellows, Prof., Sc. D. (Eng.) VC. Astashev and Ph.D. K.B. Salamander.

The Laboratory of Vibration Technology Systems has developed an autoresonant device for ultrasonic boring. 


Development of methods and means for studying the static and dynamic properties of load-bearing systems of modern automatic machines.

  The work has been carried out using the measuring instruments of the Central Research Center "Research and Diagnostics of Machine Accuracy" at the IMASH RAN. Members of the Research team: head. Lab. Senior Research Fellow Ph. D. Serkov NA (Head of Lab.), N.S. Orlova G.N. Shalyukhin K.A. Ns Merzlyakov AA - employee of the lab. "Diagnosis of machines."

A device for measuring the static stiffness of the carrier system of automatic machines based on modern force measuring equipment was developed and manufactured (IMASH RAN - NIAT OJSC)


The device can be used to study the static stiffness and damping properties of various machines, in particular, CNC machines. The load can be performed up to 5000 N. The deformation is measured with compressive and tensile loading forces without adjustment of the device, which makes it possible to remove the hysteresis loops "load-displacement" for various investigated carrier systems of machines.
The methods of express investigation for the occurrence of vibrations on the machine are developed by impulsive influence on the carrier system of the machine through its drives and measurements of the "vibration track" on the machined surface for the hexapod machine.
The contourograph model Mar Surf XC-10   Surface profilogram

 With a "stepped" increase in feed, the profilogram reflects: 1-stiff (the elastic deformations of the AIDS system are "squeezed out"), 2 - the acceleration section, 3 - the area of ??free damped oscillations, 4 - the area with steady motion, F - the direction and the change in the feed amount.

Multicriteria Optimization Group.

To search for optimal solutions, it is necessary to set correctly the problem, i.e. determine an admissible set of solutions. For these purposes, a method for Studying Parameter Spaces (the PPI method) has been developed. In the English-language literature it is called the Parameter Space Investigation (PSI) method. The method makes it possible to calculate the admissible and optimal (by Pareto) solutions. The method has no analog. It is implemented as a MOVI PC (Multicriteria Optimization and Vector Identification).

Logo MOVI (Multicriteria Optimization and Vector Identification).

Statnikov R.B. et al. Software Package MOVI 1.4 for Windows: User's Manual, Certificate of Registration. Register of Copyrights, United States of America, Registration Number / Date: TXu 1-698-418 / 2010-05-22
On the basis of the IPP method, methods for identifying the mathematical models of machines and mechanisms, approximating the admissible and optimal (by Pareto) sets of solutions, and multi-criterion optimization for large systems have been developed. To accelerate the search for feasible and optimal solutions, methods for calculating new sequences uniformly distributed in multidimensional parameter spaces have been developed. The IPP and MOVI PC method has been introduced into numerous spheres of industry, science, technology and the educational process in Russia, the USA, England, Germany, etc.