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 The Main Monographs and Collections of Works of Research Fellows of the "Machines Mechanics &Control" Dept.

Глазунов В.А. Структура пространственных механизмов. Группа винтов и структурные группы.
Glazunov V.A. Structure of Spatial Mechanisms. A Group of Screws and Structural Groups. Appendix № 3 to the Journal "Handbook, Engineering Journal" 3/2010.
The paper deals with the structure of mechanisms using the apparatus of groups of screws. Particular attention is paid to the spatial mechanisms of the parallel structure, in which the output link is connected with the base by several kinematic chains. The question is considered which links are imposed by connecting kinematic chains and what possible motions have an output link. New results are presented in the field of investigation of special positions in which the mechanism loses one or several degrees of freedom or there may be uncontrolled mobility.
Динамика виброударных (сильно нелинейных) систем "DIVIS-2009". XVI симпозиум. Сборник трудов; редакторы-составители: д.т.н. Асташев В.К., д.т.н. Крупенин В.Л., Семенова Е.Б. - М. - Звенигород: РАН, ИМАШ РАН.
Dynamics of Vibro-Impact (Highly Nonlinear) Systems "DIVIS-2009". XVI Symposium: Collection of Works; Editors-compilers: Sc..D. (Eng.) Astashev VK, Sc..D. (Eng.) Krupenin VL, Semenova E.B. - M. - Zvenigorod: RAN, IMASH RAN, 2009.
Organizers of the symposiumare: the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Branch of power engineering, mechanical engineering and management processes, Academic Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on problems of machines science and technological processes, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute named after A.Blagonravov of the Russian Academy of  Sciences – IMASH RAN.
The reports published in the collection of works reflect the current state, problems and prospects of the theory of vibro-impact (highly nonlinear) systems - an actively developing section of mechanics and the theory of nonlinear oscillations of mechanical systems.
All published reports were reviewed.
Glazunov V.A. Interdisciplinarity of Robotics. Self-organization, Bifurcations, Multicriteria. - Moscow: Progress, 110 pp., 2002.
The paper considers the issues of the methodology of theoretical robotics in terms of its interdisciplinarity in the context of the post-nonclassical nature of modern science. Visual models for setting up mental experiments that reveal the properties of bifurcation processes and scientific revolutions of human-sized self-organizing systems, which are scientific communities, are formed. On the basis of the multicriteria approach and Pareto sets, the choice of the scientific theory in robotics is considered. The interrelation between virtualistics and robotics is analyzed.
Фролов К.В., Крайнев А.Ф., Крейнин Г.В., Павлов Б.И., Ипатов М.И., Козловский М.З., Балакшин О.Б., Бондаренко С.В., Добрынин С.А., Казыханов Х.Р., Матюшина И.И., Нахапетян Е.Г., Сергеев В.И., Аболяев А.Ф., Гафт М.Г., Глазунов В.А., Завьялов Л.А., Петухов С.В., Правоторова Е.А., Слесарев М.Ю. Конструирование машин: Справочно-методическое пособие. Том 1
Frolov K.V., Krainev A.F., Kreinin G.V., Pavlov B.I., Ipatov M.I., Kolovsky M.Z., Balakshin O.B., Bondarenko S.V., Dobrynin S.A., Kazykhanov Kh.R., Matyushina I.I., Nahapetyan E.G., Sergeev V.I., Abolyayev A.F., Gaft M.G., Glazunov V.A., Zavyalov L.A. ., Petukhov S.V., Pravotorova E.A., Slesarev M.Yu. Machines Designing: Reference and methodical manual. Volume 1; - Moscow: Machine Building, 528 pp., 1994.
The general directions of improving machines, the basis for the selection of functional schemes are given. The principles of optimal design, automation of design, evaluation and prediction of the quality of machines, human capabilities, ergonomic requirements for machines, the foundations of artistic design, protection of intellectual property and the fundamentals of technical and economic analysis are set out.
Modern circuit solutions for the functional tasks of drives, control systems and mechanisms are presented. The principles of connection of structural components of machines, methods of analysis and synthesis of mechanisms, the basis of dynamic machine calculations are outlined.
For engineering and technical workers, it can be useful to students and university professors, experts and inventors.
Крейнин Г.В., Кривц И.Л., Винницкий Е.Я., Ивлев В.И. Гидравлические и пневматические приводы промышленных роботов и автоматических манипуляторов. М.: Машиностроение.
Kreinin G.V., Krivts I.L., Vinnitsky E.Ya., Ivlev V.I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives of Industrial Robots and Automatic Manipulators. М .: Mechanical engineering. 1993.
The book is devoted to the latest achievements in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drives of industrial robots and automatic manipulators, obtained as a result of the application of new technologies, materials and controls. Perspective schemes and technical solutions of drives, methods of choosing rational structures and optimal parameters are considered. Reference data and examples illustrating the application of the methods considered are given.
For engineering and technical workers of factories, design bureaux, research institutes and design organizations engaged in the development of means of automation of technological processes in various sectors of the national economy.
Glazunov V.A., Koliskor A.Sh., Krainev A.F. Spatial Parallel Structure Mechanisms. Moscow: Nauka, 95 pp., 1991.
For the first time in the most complete form, mechanisms of parallel structure are considered, in which the output link is connected with the base by several kinematic chains. Due to their high accuracy and load capacity, such mechanisms are increasingly used in the creation of technological, test, robotic, training devices.
The structure, synthesis, and also the methods of force and kinematic analysis based on screw calculus, the principle of static-kinematic analogy, and the rules for constructing groups of power and kinematic screws are considered.
Павлов Б.И., Очиров В.Д. Вычислительный эксперимент в динамике машин и механизмов. М.: Наука.
Pavlov B.I., Ochirov V.D. Computational Experiment in the Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms. M .: Science. 144 pages, 1991.
In the monograph the methods of computer-aided design of mechanisms and machines are considered. The automated analysis of spatial lever mechanisms, dynamic models of pneumatic and hydromechanical devices, dynamic calculation of machines with cyclic mechanisms, oscillations of planetary mechanisms, oscillations of the gear transmission in the presence of distortions and other devices are presented. A methodology has been developed for setting up and executing a computational experiment that allows solving multicriterial and multiparameter problems of synthesis of machines and mechanisms using optimization procedures.
Левин М.Б., Одуло А.Б., Розенберг Д.Е., Фельдман М.С., Фирсов Г.И.; под ред. Добрынина С.А. Методическое и программное обеспечение автоматизированного эксперимента в динамике машин. М.: Наука.
Levin M.B., Odulo A.B., Rosenberg D.E., Feldman M.S., Firsov G.I.; Ed. Dobrynina S.A. Methodics and Software for the Automated Experiment in the Dynamics of Machines. M .: Science. 294 pages, 1989.
The monograph describes the methods of automated research of the dynamic characteristics of machines using computers and the principles of constructing software for processing experimental data. A package of statistical processing software is considered and examples of full-scale tests of mechanical and biomechanical systems are given. For specialists in the field of experimental studies of the dynamics of machines and mechanisms with the use of computer facilities.
Асташев В.К., Бабицкий В.И., Вульфсон И.И., Козловский М.З., Крейнин Г.В., Накапетян Е.Г.; под ред. Крейнина Г.В. Динамика машин и управление машинами: Справочник
Astashev V.K., Babitsky V.I., Wolfson I.I., Kolovsky M.Z., Kreinin G.V., Nakhapetyan E.G.; Ed. by Kreinin G.V. Dynamics of Machines and Machine ControlReference book / M .: Mechanical engineering. 240 pages, 1988.
The fundamentals of the dynamics of machines are set out. Information on calculation and testing of machines necessary for selecting, coordinating and linking the main structural, precision and strength parameters of machines during their development, debugging and modernization are presented. The models of machines of various complexity are considered, the stability and quality of management are given. Examples and specific recommendations are given.
For engineers and technicians engaged in the design, research and operation of machines of various types.
Гапшис В.-А.А., Каспарайтис А.Ю., Модестов М.Б., Раманаускас В.-З.А., Серков Н.А., Чудов В.А. Координатные измерительные машины и их применение. М.: Машиностроение.
Gapshis V.-A.A., Kasparaitis A.Yu., Modestov M.B., Ramanauskas V.-Z.A.A., Serkov N.A., Chudov V.A. Coordinate Measuring Machines and Their Application. М .: Mechanical engineering. 328 pages, 1988.
The device of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and their measuring heads is considered. The method of coordinate measurements is presented. The program-mathematical support of CMM is given. Recommendations are given for measuring complex spatial surfaces. Areas of application of CMM are indicated.
For engineering and technical staff dealing with issues of geometric measurements in industry, as well as specialists involved in the automation of metrological operations.
Крупенин В.Л., Веприк А.М., Вознюк П.Д., Чирков И.М.; под ред. Рагульскиса К.М. Широкополосные виброударные генераторы механических колебаний. Л.: Машиностроение, Ленингр. отделение.
Krupenin V.L., Veprik A.M., Voznyuk P.D., Chirkov I.M.; Ed. by Ragulskis K.M. Broadband Vibro-Impact Generators of Mechanical Oscillations. L .: Machine building, Leningr. Branch. (Library for Engineers,  "Vibration Technology", issue, 78 pp., 1987.
The book presents experimental and theoretical methods for studying broadband vibro-impact generators of mechanical oscillations, and methods for vibration testing are given. It is shown that the considered vibration shakers effectively simulate the real vibration generated by the internal combustion engines. The book is intended for engineering and technical staff engaged in vibration testing and design of vibration testing tools.
Добрынин С.А., Фельдман М.С., Фирсов Г.И. Методы автоматизированного исследования вибрации машин: Справочник. - М.: Машиностроение.
Dobrynin S.A., Feldman M.S., Firsov G.I. Methods of Automated Vibration Research of Machines: A Handbook. - M .: Mechanical engineering. 224 pages, 1987.
Methods for studying the vibration characteristics of structures using experimental data with help of a computer are described, as well as methods for the automated analysis of dynamical systems and vibration signals of machines. Modern means of collecting, transforming and processing experimental information, the principles of construction and the composition of the experimental software are described.  Recommendations for organizing and conducting automated studies of vibrations in machines and mechanisms are given. Examples of full-scale tests of modern machine building objects are given.
For engineering and technical staff engaged in the design, testing and operation of machines and devices.
Бабицкий В.И., Круленин В.Л. Колебания в сильно нелинейных системах: Нелинейности порогового типа. М.: Наука. Главная редакция физико-математической литературы.
Babitsky V.I., Krulenin V.L. Oscillations in Strongly Nonlinear Systems: Nonlinearity of the Threshold Type. M .: Science. Home edition of physical and mathematical literature. 320 pages, 1985.
The book is devoted to a systematic presentation of the theory of oscillations of mechanical systems with strong positional nonlinearities of the threshold type. In such systems, when passing through certain configurations, the nature of the elastic and dissipative forces can vary abruptly.
The basis of the exposition is based on the methods of calculation developed in recent years, based on a complete spectral-temporal analysis of the regimes of motion. These methods find the main application in the study of systems designed to generate and convert intense impact effects. The exposition is accompanied by a study of the properties of the systems and processes under consideration.
The book is designed for scientists and engineers-calculators engaged in research and design of mechanical oscillation systems, as well as for teachers, Ph. D. students and students interested in the theory of nonlinear oscillations.
Kreinin G.V., Bessonov A.P., Pavlov B.I,. Provotorova E.A., Sergeev V.I. et al.; Ed. by Kreinin G.V. Kinematics, Dynamics and Accuracy of Mechanisms. Reference-book / M .: Mechanical engineering. 216 pages, 1984.
Mechanisms of rational structure are considered, questions of kinematic synthesis of spatial mechanisms, as well as dynamics and accuracy of mechanisms are discussed. Methods for solving problems of kinematics and dynamics of spatial mechanisms on a computer are described. Examples and recommendations for the selection of mechanisms are given.


Authors: Nguyen-Kuok, Shi

This book offers the reader an overview of the basic approaches to the theoretical description of low-temperature plasmas, covering numerical methods, mathematical models and modeling techniques. The main methods of calculating the cross sections of plasma particle interaction and the solution of the kinetic Boltzmann equation for determining the transport coefficients of the plasma are also presented. The results of calculations of thermodynamic properties, transport coefficients, the equilibrium particle-interaction cross sections and two-temperature plasmas are also discussed. Later chapters consider applications, and the results of simulation and calculation of plasma parameters in induction and arc plasma torches are presented. The complex physical processes in high-frequency plasmas and arc plasmas, the internal and external parameters of plasma torches, near-electrode processes, heat transfer, the flow of solid particles in plasmas and other phenomena are considered. The book is intended for professionals involved in the theoretical study of low-temperature plasmas and the design of plasma torches, and will be useful for advanced students in related areas.