Main Research Trends

Ministry of Science and
Higher Education
of the Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Sciences

Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

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 Main Research Trends

Development of the System of Multicriteria Analysis, Provision and Improvement of Strength, Service Lifetime, Survivability, Reliability and Safety of Machines in Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Problems.
1.Fundamental problems of strength, service lifetime, reliability, survivability and safety of machines and complex engineering facilities
2.Comprehensive problems of machines science, machine safety increase, man-caused and technological risks mitigation for civil and defense facilities
3.Obtaining the equations of state and estimating their parameters, criteria for estimating survivability and service lifetime, creating scientific fundamentals for rationing and risk management, calculating and experimental studies of critical machine elements and of complex engineering facilities
4.Mathematical and physical modeling of perspective structures, materials and technologies
5.The development of science-intensive technologies that are important for the country's defense and state security, including nanotechnology, nuclear power technologies, the  development of new materials, risk mitigation technology upgrading.
6.The department develops new computation methods providing an opportunity to take into account the effects of dynamic factors generated by high-speed modes in modern machines; the department also develops issues of standardization and unification of separate elements.
7.Problems of application of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for mechanical engineering facilities.