Main Scientific Directions

Ministry of Science and
Higher Education
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Russian Academy of Sciences

Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

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 Main Scientific Directions

 The role of the structural state in the formation of deformation and strength characteristics of structural materials for static, long-term static, cyclic and contact loading
  •  study of cyclic and long-term static properties of structural materials under conditions close to operational ones;
  •  development and experimental substantiation of criteria for destruction of structural materials under cyclic, long-term static and non-isothermal loading;
  •  hardening of surface layers of metallic materials for improvement of their cyclic and tribological properties;
  •  study of the processes of deformation, fracture and hardening of structural materials during cyclic, long-term static and contact loading by physico-mechanical methods;
  • development of methods for calculating the stress-strain states of structural elements for cyclic, long-term static, non-isothermal and contact loads, taking into account the structural level of materials;
  • development of methods for optimizing the properties of materials in connection with their operating conditions of loading;
  • obtaining and justification of design characteristics of structural materials and their certification;
  • research of technological properties in connection with strength and wear resistance of structural materials;
  • development of methods for hardening materials using high-energy methods;
  • development of requirements for the creation of materials to ensure their operational properties and the creation of new materials;
  • development of techniques, experimental equipment and measuring instruments for studying the properties of structural materials by physical and mechanical methods;
  • development of principles for the selection of materials in the design.