Main Research Results

Ministry of Science and
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Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics and control processes

Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

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Main Scientific Results

  • A physico-mathematical model of excitation of vibrations in gears of spur, helical and chevron gears has been developed.
  • Mathematical modeling method for dynamic processes in cylindrical gears in the time domain is developed.

The method includes:
a) a generalized model of vibration excitation,
b) a dynamic model of a gear train,
c) types of equations of motion of the gears during the meshing period,
d) a logical algorithm for choosing the type of the equation of motion on segments of the meshing period,
e) software.
  • A technique for representing compelling factors in the Fourier series for calculating the forced oscillations of the gears of the Main Turbo-Gear Aggregates (GTZA) in the frequency domain is developed.
  • A dynamic model and software for calculating the forced oscillations of a planetary gearbox are developed using methods such as dynamic compliance, diacoptics, matrix decompression, and topology.
  • The results of the developments are included in the "Rules for designing low-noise ship mechanisms ...." And "Guidelines for designing low-noise ship mechanisms ...."
  • IMASH recommendations are taken into account in the design of the planetary gearbox RP-18 (Project "Yasen"). At factory bench tests, vibration reduction at the tooth frequency was 10 dB.