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Scientific Schools

School of Academician I.I.Artobolevsky – Theory for Machines and Mechanisms
School of Academician N.G.Bruyevich – Precision of Mechanisms
School of Academician R.F.Ganiev – Nonlinear Wave Mechanics
School of Professor Yu.N.Drozdov – Friction, Wear, Lubrication (Tribology) in Extreme Conditions
 School of Professor I.V.Kragelsky – Fundamentals for Tribology
School of Professor V.P.Kogaev - High-Cycle Fatigue
School of the Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor N.A.Makhutov –  Safety and Security of Critical and Srtategic Infrastructure
School of  Professor N.I.Prigorovsky -  Experimental Mechanics of Machines and Computational and Experimental Methods of Stress Analysis
School of Academician Yu.N.Rabotnov – Hereditary Theory of Creep, Dispersed Fracture Mechanics and Mechanics of Composites
School of professor B.M.Rovinsky – Physics of Strength and X-Ray Structural Analysis for Structural Materials
School of Academician  S.V.Serensen – Structural Strength
 School of Academician K.V.Frolov – Vibrations in  Man-Machine-Environment Systems 
School of Professor M.M.Khrouschov – Friction and Wear in Machines and Tribological Materials Science